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About us

Teak Squash was established 3 years ago under the wings of Suria Homes, our parent organization that has been in operation for the past 20 years. It was a diversification to focus better on the architectural design aspects and interior fit-out plans of buildings before handing over to Suria Homes for construction.

Our design works date back to over 15 years, to the days when Suria Homes used to do designs as well as construction. Now we have the capability to carry out the design to your full satisfaction before enteringthe construction phase in which Suria Homes will execute your project professionally

while Teak Squash will continue to provide technical support until the project is handed over to you. We are a dedicated team of professionals which include qualified project engineers, dare-to-dream architect, interior designers and a highly skilled labour force, all backed by an experienced management team.

Featured works

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Your assets


2D and 3D plan visualizations

These visualizations provide architects, designers, and clients with a clear understanding of how a space will look and function.

Package drawings

Essential drawings in the field of architecture that provide detailed information about the design and construction of a building or structure.

Electrical and plumbing layout for future repair

These layouts are crucial for ensuring proper installation, functionality, and safety of the electrical and plumbing systems.

Material selection

Choosing the appropriate materials in projects based on factors such as structural requirements, durability, aesthetics, cost, and sustainability.

We are builders. we build your home just like fortuity.

  • We help to choose the best contractor, according to present market rates (quality, affordable and first-rate).
  • Weekly updates about the project, financial needs and physical appearance of the person.
  • Landscapes i.e. gates, compound wall, color etc based upon the choice of the customer which is available from our gallery.
A digital product of Teak Squash

Estimate take off
web application

Introducing 4-Build, a web application made by Teak Squash to manage customers and generate estimate take-offs for them quickly.

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