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  • Welcome Valued Patron..!!!

    Nothing is as pleasing or comfortable as your own home. We, Teak Squash, help you realize this dream, giving you all the comfort and pleasure you deserve with our designs for your place of living. A house is not just for living in but it should provide the space and luxury you aspire for, even offer a pleasing sight for others. A custom built house in our society creates a cherished place for quality time with family and friends - a place to relax, rejuvenate, and replenish. Homes enable and inspire us to continue and persevere.
    Teak Squash's verve for creativity, design standards for sustainable building practices, uncompromising integrity and overall meticulous management ensure the creation of a sound and unique house for you and your family out of your investment, to be enjoyed by your children and grand children for years to come. We, together with the construction team of our parent organization Suria Homes, assure you a home that will fully satisfy and exceed your expectations.

  • All about us

    Teak Squash was established 3 years ago under the wings of Suria Homes, our parent organization that has been in operation for the past 20 years. It was a diversification to focus better on the architectural design aspects and interior fit-out plans of buildings before handing over to Suria Homes for construction. We are a dedicated team of professionals which include qualified project engineers, dare-to-dream architect, interior designers and a highly skilled labour force, all backed by an experienced management team. Our design works date back to over 15 years, to the days when Suria Homes used to do designs as well as construction. Now we have the capability to carry out the design to your full satisfaction before enteringthe construction phase in which Suria Homes will execute your project professionally while Teak Squash will continue to provide technical support until the project is handed over to you.
    Why this company????
    When you decide to build your own house, you need to rely on a team that give shape to what you have in mind. Teak Squash, together with Suria Homes, can take up that role with responsibility to deliver your dream house with diligence.
    The dedicated team effort of Teak Squash is led by the founder and Managing Director Mr. Baijo Paul &Mrs. Jasmine Baijo. We can state with absolute confidence that we have been very successful with all of our past projects. The more than 1000 happy customers for whom we have built until now allover Kerala are standing testimonies to our capability in the field of home design, construction and interiors. We are uncompromising while delivering the very best to you.
    When you accord charge of your project to Teak Squash
    By entrusting your project design to us, you ensure that your project is in safe and reliable hands. Once in charge,we provide the following services during the design stage of the project:
    1. Complete set of architectural designs with full detail in 2D.
    2. 3D renderings to give you a preview of your completed house, before start of work.
    3. Separate package drawings for complete civil works and interior fit out.
    4. You can fix house warming dates even before the work has started, in consultation with us for a firm schedule of work dependant on financial commitment by you.
    5. Selection of finish material for the best appearance most economically, according to your desire.
    6. We help you to choose the best contractors of special works, at competitive market rates for quality, affordability and timely delivery.
    7. Weekly updates on progress of the project, advance information on fund requirements and concerns, if any.
    8. Designing of compound wall that blends with the building design, landscape features for the most practical positioning of gate, driveways, garden with paved walkways, ponds, fountain etc. and overall colour schemes.
    We are designers with a touch of flair; we design your house that will be a statement of your personality. We invite you to visit our gallery of past accomplishments before you launch your project, for a tour of the possibilities awaiting you.
    Budget villas through Fast Track
    For our customers hoping to meet their housing needs with a restricted budget and less time at hand, we have developed special designs of limited area with economy in features. There are two schemes in which the houses will be ready for occupation in 100 or 200 days from start. Certain segments of the construction will be according to pre-fixed specifications. This in no way affects the build quality but leaves some of the enhancement aspects for later addition by the owner as and when the budgetary pressure is less. Details need to be discussed in person for which you are invited to our office.

  • Amenity

    An outlined division of work into FIVE juncture is the key to achieving our objectives. And these five junctures again divided into THIRTY sub juncture,commonly known as “SQUASH DESIGN”.
    "Teak Design" is the first juncture of Teak Squash's planning division; in this we draw a clear plan in 2D, 3D, half 3D and also the work schedule in close consultation with the client. Site visit, elevation planning, floor plan are some of the important aspects covered in this stage.
    "Package Drawing "is the next juncture, it is our Major attraction. Wherein an experienced Team, who are well trained in Section designs, Structural drawing, Joinery details, Electrical and Plumbing layout, Material specification, QA, QC, Estimation aresome of the important aspects covered in this stage.

    We can do "package drawing" of

    “Construction”, is 3rd juncture. We have experienced project engineer and supervisors are assigned to each project. The usual time delays that occur in these projects are kept under check through the availability of in-house masons, carpenters and other artisans, along with modern equipment. “We work with time schedule, which already given to the Client even before starting the work”. And also give the information’s regarding the work, i.e. all the weekly reports are given to the Client, through pictures and email.
    “Interior” is the fourth juncture, we offer you customized interior home designs that are a perfect mix of aesthetics, royalty and utility.
    Finally, to enhance the beauty of your home, our “landscaping” division consolidates your dream home to give you a sense of living in harmony with the nature.

  • Your Assets

    • 2D & 3D plans.
    • Package drawings.
    • Electrical and plumbing layout for future repair.
    • Material selection is based upon beauty and cost, according to the will of the customer.
    • Customers can fix house warming dates even before the work has started, but only after consulting our expert Team.
    • We help to choose the best contractor, according to present market rates (quality, affordable and first-rate).
    • Weekly updates about the project, financial needs and physical appearance of the person.
    • Landscapes i.e. gates, compound wall, color etc based upon the choice of the customer which is available from our gallery.
    • We are builders; we build your home just like fortuity.
  • A rewarding career with us

    We are on the lookout for people who can add value to our organisation. If you have chosen a career in design and construction and are qualified in the field, you may be the one we need. If interested in joining the Teak Squash team, please send your latest CV to or contact us at +91 9446082997.

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